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Not for profit service agreement

The following details the terms conditions and parameters under which individual, not for profit, service providers, operating under the name Bloodbikes Australia, will offer their services to any healthcare provider that agree to be party to the following.

This will subsequently constitutes the terms of a mutual operational agreement between the individual, not for profit, service provider, operating under the name of Bloodbikes Australia and the healthcare provider for whom the service is being performed.

Definition of service being offered

Bloodbikes Australia’s independent, not for profit, service provider is a motorcyclists delivering blood, any medical supplies and/or samples to and between hospitals and any healthcare organisations when called upon to do so by client healthcare organisation.

The utilisation of the services of any Blood Bike Australia not for profit service provider lies entirely with the client health organisation and no reason is required by any client health organisation for any lack of utilisation of individual, service provider.

Rules of operation of independent, not for profit, service provider, operating under the name Bloodbikes Australia

  1. I am not an Emergency service and am required to observe all the relevant road rules in the process of offering the service to the healthcare provider.
  2. I am totally not for profit and:-
    • use my own motorcycles
    • supply my own Hi vis vest / uniform, as specified below
    • pay for my own fuel and operating expenses
  3. I undertake to always inform the client healthcare provider, for whom I undertake the service, my current availability status.
  4. I will always:
    • be courteous to other road users
    • be courteous to all staff at client organisations
    • be courteous with all correspondence while representing Bloodbikes Australia
  5. I have more than 3 years riding experience
  6. I have an open license that matches the bike I ride
  7. I always put the utmost value on the products I transport
  8. I have completed the certificate in Blood transportation from Blood Safe Learning
  9. I will furnish a copy of the blood transport certificate referred to in the above to any and all client healthcare providers
  10. My motorcycle carries current registration
  11. I have full, comprehensive motorcycle insurance which fully covers me while undertaking the not for profit service as described in this document
  12. While delivering Products, I will wear the uniform high-visibility vest as prescribed by Bloodbikes Australia.

Uniform specifications

Bloodbikes Australia uniform is a yellow, high visibility, zip up vest which is worn over the top of riding safety jacket with:

  1. Silver reflective strips
  2. Bloodbikes Australia Logo on left hand side breast
  3. The word BLOOD in Capitals between shoulder blades at back

Agreement by the rider

I am an independent, not for profit, service provider operating under the name Bloodbikes Australia and I commit to, will abide by and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above